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Smartphone Repair

We can repair your smartphone in no time

Don’t worry if your smartphone screen is damaged or not working properly. Get it replaced it sophisticatedly and have a feeling of brand new device. We also fix any dysfunctional spare part, power problem and also liquid spill. Don’t waste another minute walking around with a broken phone….when we are likely just a few steps away.

We deal in Apple, Samsung, SONY, htc, BlackBerry, Motorola, LG, NOKIA, amazon.

Key Service Included:

  • Impaired view from cracked screen.

  • Tired, overworked port not holding your charger like it used to.

  • Hangover from liquid damage.

  • Quick loss of energy and battery life.

  • Any other troubles, we’ve got your back.

  • Loss of control without working home button.

  • Raspy or sore speaker and mic.

  • Restlessness; can’t power down.

  • Inability to adequately capture life’s moments through camera.

quickly arrange a service contract

You can sign a contract with us as a legal entity. For these clients we have separate price.