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PC & MAC Computers

We Can Fix Your Pc & iMac

Your computer stuck too often and become damn slow? Or doesn’t even on? operating system showing too many errors? We will make your PC smooth, fast and bug-free like brand new in a short time.

iRepair Wireless Richfield offers competent and cost effective desktop PC repair and upgrade services for all major desktop computer brands such as Acer, Lenovo, eMachines, Gateway, HP, Compaq, ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu, Packard Bell, Alienware and other models. We also provide Apple Mac repair and upgrade services for all Apple Macintosh desktop models including iMac, Mac Pro and Mac mini. Businesses and residential users are certain to receive expert Apple Mac repair services and professional support from our professional lab.


As blue-screen errors, regular freezing and frequent restarts.

Data Recovery

If you can’t access your files and need to recover them.

Water Damage

If something spilled on your Laptop/MacBook and it is malfunctioning.

System Optimization

If your Laptop/MacBook runs slow or you simply just want it to run faster.


If popups are an everyday thing or your Laptop/MacBook runs really slow.

Software/ Driver issue

If something spilled on your Laptop/MacBook and it is malfunctioning.


If your Laptop/MacBook overheats or crashes often.

Hardware Problem

IF your RAM, hard disc, motherboard or any other hardware component is malfunctioning or damaged.

We will replace the damaged or malfunctioning component with original and branded component according to your requirement. We will try our best to provide you economical solution to your problem.

quickly arrange a service contract

You can sign a contract with us as a legal entity. For these clients we have separate price.