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Laptop Single Service

Need Fast Laptop and Hardware Repairs?

We have been providing professional laptop repair, upgrade and support services to home users and small and medium businesses since 2004. Our team of experienced technicians offer expert component level repair services on all laptop and notebook makes and models. We offer fast turnaround services and our typical turn around on laptop repair, upgrade and replacement services is from 1-2 days depending on the severity of your problem. Macbook, Macbook Pro, PowerBook Macbook, iBook, Macbook Pro, PowerBook,

We will help you in the following situation:


If your Laptop/MacBook is not holding a charge, dying fast, or not turning on

DC Jack

If your Laptop/MacBook is not charging or not connecting to a charger

Water Damage

If something spilled on your Laptop/MacBook and it is malfunctioning

Data Recovery

If you can’t access your files and need to recover them

System Optimization

If popups are an everyday thing or your Laptop/MacBook runs really slow


If something spilled on your Laptop/MacBook and it is malfunctioning


If your Laptop/MacBook screen won’t close properly, a hinge is broken or pulled out


If your Laptop/MacBook won’t boot or something is just not working right


If your Laptop/MacBook overheats or crashes often

quickly arrange a service contract

You can sign a contract with us as a legal entity. For these clients we have separate price.